E-book Formatting Services

E-book Formatting Services

After your book is written, it needs to be formatted for release as an e-book. The e-book formatting requirements differ based on the platform you use. You’ve done the hard work of writing the book. Let me do the rest of you. I’ll take your file and format it correctly based on your needs. Contact me for a quote based on your specific situation.

My services are perfect for the self-published author or small press looking to release books in electronic formats. My extensive experience with the various platforms of ebook distribution, along with my years of working with ebook formats has allowed me to stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards, and best methods to create breathtaking electronic formats of your book at a reasonable price that you can afford.

E-book Format Services For Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle is a popular e-reading device, and it’s widely known that you can make your e-book available in a Kindle format through Amazon.com. If you need a Kindle-ready file, contact me for a custom quote based on the length of your e-book. The file you receive from me will work and display beautifully on Kindle devices, and will give your book the professional touch it needs.

Learn More about my Kindle Formatting services.

E-book File Format Services For Smashwords

Smashwords is a great option for releasing and distributing your e-book to your audience. They will provide multiple formats for your readers to download, so you reach a greater number of e-reading devices. To reach the greatest number of readers, though, your book needs to qualify for their Premium Distrubution. This requires your book to pass Smashwords’ AutoVetter and an additional personal review. The only way to pass is for your book to be properly formatted. With a 23,000 word style guide, this may seem unobtainable, but it’s not. I will format your file properly and guarantee the file you receive from me will pass the AutoVetter. This is a 100% guarantee – if the file doesn’t pass the AutoVetter, you send it back, and I fix it for free. This costs you only $45.99.

This offer doesn’t include nonfiction books or image-heavy projects, which usually require more complex formatting, but you can still contact me for a quote based on the length of your project.


  • fast turn around (sometimes as little as 24 hours) from receipt of payment
  • Perfectly formatted file for upload to Smashwords
  • Linked Table of Contents (if appropriate)
  • 100% Guaranteed to pass the AutoVetter

Let’s get started!

I offer book cover design services too!

I offer affordable book cover design services for your e-book or print version. This is a separate service from my e-book formatting service, but we can work on them both at the same time. Read more about my book cover design services.

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